Providing accessible, high quality and prompt orthotic services

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Interface Orthotics offers:
  • Highest quality clinical and technical services
  • Free onsite parking
  • After-hours appointments
  • Video gait analysis

Our aim is to improve participation and quality of life in our community by providing accessible, high quality orthotic services in a prompt manner.

How does Interface Orthotics acheive this?

At Interface Orthotics, our patients have all sorts of ideas about how they want to make the most of our capabilities. Some simply want to be able to walk, rest or stand in comfort and stability, while others are focused on being able to snowboard, skate or run. Often, patients are looking to avoid surgery or other invasive procedures. The majority will place some importance on style and aesthetics. Many have budget restrictions of varying degrees, lead very busy lives and want flexible appointment times in a convenient location without parking or accessibility hassles. Whatever the main priorities are, all are looking for a solution that suits their wants as well as their needs.

The orthotic services provided at Interface are based around a model of health care, which balances the scientific evidence with the clinician’s experience and the patient’s preferences and values. It is our obligation to inform you of your short-term and long-term treatment options, costs and likely outcomes, which may or may not include orthotic treatment and/or referral to other therapies. You are then given the opportunity to decide which path you would like to take, as you balance your own functional, aesthetic, medical and financial considerations. If you have been referred to us, we will send a report to your referrer, and make sure you have a copy for your records.

How does the process begin at Interface Orthotics?

Your first consultation will last up to an hour, allowing us time to collect relevant information, gain an understanding of why you have come to see us, and conduct an objective assessment, which will assist in the development of a treatment plan. The consultation fee is up to $168, and not all private health funds provide rebates for this. If time permits, you can commit to the treatment plan immediately. Alternatively, you can take your time and call back at your convenience to book any necessary casting or measurement appointments at a later date.

Our clinic is located in West Leederville, less than 1km from major freeways in all directions, and there is free parking on-site. Appointments are available by phone, email or online booking during the flexible opening hours listed below:

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday and after hours by request