Claire tells

Pippa's Story

Claire describes her experience at Interface Orthotics with Plagiocephaly and utilizing a cranial remolding helmet.

I found Interface Orthotics when I was researching Plagiocephaly treatment in Perth. Our doctor had recommended we see a Paediatrician, but being a concerned parent I was worried about lengthy waiting periods, and thankfully stumbled across Interface Orthotics, I immediately booked an appointment online. At very least, I figured it would be a second opinion from the Paediatric Specialist.

We were able to get in to see an Orthotist within a couple of days. Shanelle was welcoming and immediately put me at ease, it became clear very quickly she was not interested in ‘selling me a service’ for the sake of it. She explained she would do a full assessment, and then give us the information to make a decision, either to give Pippa more time to correct on her own, or proceed with treatment. One part of the assessment was the actual measuring of Pippa’s head. I felt educated us in an objective manner, and supported her assessment of Pippa’s plagiocephaly. I knew from the moment we heard the measurements that we were going to proceed. Pippa’s head was moderately severe, but only 2mm off being severe. We didn’t want to risk the plagiocephaly getting any worse. So we went ahead!  Shanelle encouraged us to see the Paediatric Specialist for reassurance and a comprehensive assessment, which I respected.

I had been doing exercises and strategies at home from a young age to try and correct the flatness, and it was also confirmed to me that the severity of Pippa’s plagiocephaly was not my fault, and that sometimes it can be very difficult to prevent. This meant the world to me, as it was something playing on my mind.

The fitting for the helmet was very easy, and Pippa slept through the first part of it. We went back regularly for checkups, adjustments and measurements. The staff at Interface Orthotics went above and beyond with customer service, fitting me in whenever I requested an appointment, responding to my calls very quickly, as well as emails with questions. I truly felt supported by the team at Interface Orthotics every step of the way, which is a big thing for an anxious mother like me.  

Pippa made very quick progress and we are so happy we went ahead with this line of treatment. What I will share for parents is firstly, don’t blame yourself! These things just happen sometimes. And secondly babies are amazing! They adapt so quickly! Pippa’s sleeping because this was my biggest worry but after only one night of tantrums, she was sleeping with it on without a worry.

Thank you again tothe team at Interface Orthotics, as a health professional myself, I will recommend you to anyone that will listen. You made a stressful point of our lives totally easy and filled us with nothing but confidence every step of the way.