For many years, individuals with scoliosis have had no private option in Perth for brace treatment. Unfortunately the waiting times for bracing through the public hospitals has now increased to a level which may affect clinical outcomes, through no fault of the treating professionals in those hospitals. Patients have been traveling interstate and overseas to access scoliosis bracing privately, but since 2014 Interface Orthotics has been improving accessibility to treatment locally through its affiliation with ScoliCare.

ScoliCare is an Australian company which aims to provide resources about scoliosis, improve the understanding of conservative management, and even offers a free case review service for patients and health professionals. This service is accessible by calling 1300 883 884 or via the ScoliCare website.

As an affiliate clinic, Interface Orthotics is equipped to provide what we believe is the highest quality bracing system for scoliosis, the ScoliBrace. This unique style of brace is specifically designed to control the position of the spine in 3-dimensions. The shape of the brace is developed from a digital 3D scan of the body, taking into account the location, extent and flexibility of the curve. The result is a brace which aims to be corrective when it is indicated as the right treatment, at the right time.

Our orthotists are authorised ScoliBrace providers. We are now able to combine our skills in assessment and general orthotic therapy, with the latest technologies in 3D scanning, design and fabrication, in order to provide effective, non-surgical treatment for scoliosis. Interface Orthotics will work with you and the other members of your treatment team, to co-manage your scoliosis conservatively, or liaise with specialists for case management. We recommend you access the resources available about scoliosis and the various treatment options by clicking here.

If you are ready to book your assessment and treatment plan for scoliosis, you can book by calling (08) 9388 9779. Appointments are usually available within 1 week, and if you decide to proceed with the ScoliBrace treatment, we are usually able to fit a fully custom made brace within 4 weeks of assessment.